On your first visit we will consult you about your dog’s medical history, likes and dislikes and your preference for the look of your dog.  We understand that not everyone wants a show style as these are not always practical for a pet.  Please always let us know of any serious health conditions your dog has, particularly any heart conditions or if your dog is prone to fitting.

heart dog

Do you have a pet which is nervous, aggressive or matted?  Unfortunately there is a £5.00 charge per every extra half hour that it takes us to groom your pet. We do aim not to go past the normal grooming time and also not to stress your dog out too much and we will stop a groom if the dog becomes to  stressed at anytime and will recommend you bring the dog back at a later date for us to complete the groom when he/she has calmed down.

If he/she is aggressive we will also stop the groom at any time and we will call the owner to pick up the dog immediately and you will be charged for a full    groom  so please make a member of staff aware of your dogs behaviour when you book a appointment .


Please note there will be a £10 charge for pets with fleas which will include a flea shampoo treatment and a treatment of the salon to prevent any other pets catching fleas.

We use hypo-allergenic products and flea shampoos upon request at a charge of £5.00 on top of your normal grooming bill.

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